Wrap & Send Services entered the residential packaging, shipping and gift wrap industry in 1983, operating the shipping departments in major retail department stores.  Innovation and a strict commitment to quality were the mainstays of Wrap & Send Services success. Professional Packaging, Same Day Shipping service and Designer Gift Wrap services are only a few convenient services that assured the success of these packaging stores.

 In 1992, Wrap & Send Services began establishing working relationships with major department stores to provide Same Day Shipping and Gift Wrap services. Wrap & Send Services currently works with Saks Fifth Avenue and Carson's Department Store's. Wrap & Send Services larger locations handle shipping volumes of 1800 packages daily, and gift wrap volume of 1500 pieces per week, both during non-peak seasons.  By offering department store customers “Same Day Service” for shipping, quality packaging, and beautiful gift wrap, expansion will continue in all new stores.

 Ninety-eight percent (98%) of all sends received into the shipping department by 2:00 PM are shipped to the customer the same day.  This fast turn-around enhances customer satisfaction and increases sales.  Wrap & Send Services has raised the service level in each store within the first few days of operation.

 Additional benefits to the store include:

  Elimination of all payroll expenses for packaging, shipping, gift wrap personnel

  Elimination of all transportation costs

  Elimination of all supply costs

  Elimination of customer complaints from slow delivery services

  Consistency of presentation and customer satisfaction

  Professional, organized and efficient gift wrap and shipping departments

  Full time Supervisor trains Send Department associates at each location

 Wrap & Send Services attributes the following factors to the success of their packaging and shipping operations:

  The ultimate in customer service and reliability

  Efficient packaging and shipping service

  An upscale atmosphere of service from experts in the gift wrapping, shipping and packaging industry

  A decade of experience in the gift wrapping, packaging and shipping business, including unmatched success within department stores


 Wrap & Send Services operates as a convenient and reliable gift wrap, packaging and shipping operation.  Each facility provides professional packaging and shipping preparation.  Wrap & Send Services provides:

    Professional packaging, shipping service for all customers

    All packaging supplies and materials

    Local same day delivery and service

 Wrap & Send Services packs and ships anything the customer desires, absolutely anywhere. It is Wrap & Send Services goal to provide same day packaging and shipping service that is most cost-effective for each individual customer based upon their individual needs. Merchandising and customer service is designed to generate significant sales volume while enhancing and complimenting quality image.

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